A new path forward

Local landowners and public land users have hashed out the East Crazy Mountains and Inspiration Divide Public Access Improvement Land Exchange.   This agreement would:

  1. Consolidate public lands in the Custer Gallatin National Forest System.

  2. Create guaranteed public access in the East Crazy Mountains through construction of a new 22-mile trail. 

  3. Enhance outdoor opportunities for hunting, hiking, and camping in the Madison Range and Crazy Mountains. 

Public feedback

The Crazy Mountain Access Project hosted four community open houses attended by over 100 members of the public and collected over 75 comments during a nine-week public feedback period this summer. 

We thank everyone who attended a community open house or took the time to review the proposal and submit feedback.  

The robust public feedback we received will be used to improve the original proposal.  A formal proposal will be submitted to the Forest Service for review sometime later this month or in October.  

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What people are saying

"The Asaalooke Nation urges you to move forward with this proposal to benefit not only citizens of the local area, but to Montana and its visitors and users of our public lands."


"The East Crazy Land Exchange Proposal is a win for private property rights as well as the rights of the citizens to access public lands. This proposal has been a collaborative effort that will solve a lot of the current, well publicized issues in the Crazy Mountains."


"We urge your support for a well thought out proposal in an area that has been contentious for decades and believe this proposal represents a rare and unique opportunity to benefit public land users, wildlife, and private landowners."


"Park County Environmental Council supports both the concept and the process of this land exchange proposal. It resolves long standing issues over trail access and aligns with our conservation goals for the range.  We consider it a remarkable example of local people working together towards a common goal, demonstrating that we can resolve very complex land management challenges."

park county environmental council